Santa Cruz’s Casino

Who looks for play-based fun will find their ideal place in Enjoy Colchagua, the first thematic casino of the country, which offers its visitors a complete service of accommodations and gastronomy. The additional grace of this casino is that it has a natural surrounding of an extraordinary climate and colorful nature, characteristic of the landscapes of the central zone of Chile.

It is Santa Cruz municipality, which is a paradise for the people who enjoy history, rural traditions and “good cooking”.

In Colchagua museum you can discover a whole American archaeology and paleontology world, the town offers an architecture exhibition that narrates its long history.

The traditions of the country, crossed by the wine culture, are its main attractive. The vineyards in the town and in the nearby municipalities are followed for the delight of the connoisseur of the good wine. This way, every March is celebrated Fiesta de la Vendimia, a celebration that gets the whole industry of the place together and has a large number of people that get to the celebration to enjoy excellent stocks and extraordinary culinary exhibitions.

A wide variety of lodgings and restaurants receive the tourists to offer them an unforgettable experience in this beautiful town of Santa Cruz.

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