Nearness with diverse Vineyards

In the interior of Colchagua are found the wine areas of San Fernando and Santa Cruz, where the lovers of the best stocks or the people who would like to learn about this culture will be at a short distance of the Wine Route created in 1996, one of the most enthralling of our Country due to its diversity.

You will find the internationally outstanding Casa Silva Vineyard, Bisquertt Vineyard, Santa Helena Vineyard, Caliterra Vineyard, Lapostolle Vineyard, Cono Sur Vineyard, Santa Cruz Vineyard, Viu Manent Vineyard, Santa Rita Vineyard, Montes Vineyard, Siegel Vineyard, Apaltagua Vineyard, Hacienda Araucano Vineyard, and Laura Hartwig Vineyard; all of them surrounded by an incomparable landscape.

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Chimbarongo’s Wicker

In mapudungun language, Chimbarongo means “A place in the fog”, a magical name for a town that decades ago lived its golden season thanks to the craft hands of its inhabitants, who turned wicker into nice furniture and ornaments.

Located in the Chilean province of Colchagua, in Libertador General Bernard O’higgins Region, at about 153 km from Santiago, this city is still Sigue leyendo

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Dinosaurs Footprints

In Colchagua Province, VI Region, at about 3 hours from Santiago, it is possible to have one of the most exciting Jurassic experiences that are possible nowadays. The lovers of Paleontology, undoubtedly, can’t avoid visiting the famous “Dinosaurs Footprints”, palpable evidence of the existence of these extinguished giants, printed in a solid rock at a height of about 1.700 meters.

Discovered in 1960, these footprints, that cover a considerable extension of territory, correspond to dinosaurs that inhabited the place about Sigue leyendo

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Pelequén Handcraft

In Malloa, in Libertador General Bernardo O´Higgins Region, is located the small town of Pelequén, which has become an exponent attractive of the Chilean handcraft.

This town of nice climate, is also a fertile land for the wine industry and, annually, sticks to one of its oldest traditions, Santa Rosa Sigue leyendo

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Santa Cruz’s Casino

Who looks for play-based fun will find their ideal place in Enjoy Colchagua, the first thematic casino of the country, which offers its visitors a complete service of accommodations and gastronomy. The additional grace of this casino is that it has a natural surrounding of an extraordinary climate and colorful nature, characteristic of the landscapes of the central zone of Chile.

It is Santa Cruz municipality, which is a paradise for the people who enjoy history, rural traditions and Sigue leyendo

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Punta de Lobos Waves

It is said that its waves are perfect, more than nine meters height have been the enjoyment of surfers that meet to practice the extreme sport. Punta de Lobos, a beach located in Libertador General Bernardo O´Higgins Region, at 6 km to the south of Pichilemu, is known worldwide by the professionals of surf, who during the year slide their bright and colorful boards on its saltwater to show their risky maneuvers.

The Azumi Reef Classic Chile 2011, which gathered in Sigue leyendo

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