Dinosaurs Footprints

In Colchagua Province, VI Region, at about 3 hours from Santiago, it is possible to have one of the most exciting Jurassic experiences that are possible nowadays. The lovers of Paleontology, undoubtedly, can’t avoid visiting the famous “Dinosaurs Footprints”, palpable evidence of the existence of these extinguished giants, printed in a solid rock at a height of about 1.700 meters.

Discovered in 1960, these footprints, that cover a considerable extension of territory, correspond to dinosaurs that inhabited the place about 120 million years ago. Its conservation condition constitutes a palpable tie with the past and for years has awaken the interest of Chilean and foreign scientists, who have carried out many researches in this place.

Due to its nearness with “Termas del Flaco”, an extraordinary activity is to go there to enjoy and relax with the thermal baths, and to join the hikes or horse rides that are usually organized to go for an excursion through the trail of these fascinating prehistoric animals.

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